A Social network organization for Girls & Women Established: 2014


City Girls Big Dreams is an authentic social network community of powerful, supportive, ambitious girls and women helping one another achieve  success. We are here to enlighten, empower, and inspire dreams to come  true. 

Through our social networking events, to our mentorship programs and the amazing online content our team has put together. We are serious in our beliefs and values of supporting girls and women who are chasing  big dreams. Which is why we partnered with our sister company to develop an online crowdfunding platform for girls and women to raise money to fund their dreams. 

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Our Sister company  GoFundHer.Com has started a #GoFundHerChallenge! We challenge you to create an account at GoFundHer, start your crowdfunding campaign. We also challenge you to donate to any project on our platform. Tag us on Instagram or Facebook and we will repost your project and promote it in all of our platforms. 

Our goal is to raise over a 100,000$ for girls & women causes in the month of May. So let’s make it happen ladies, start your Gofundher. Com challenge today and also make sure to make a donation! 

Girls Just Want to Have Funds! empowers girls & women to raise funds.


Raise Funds for any Causes.

Raise Funds for any Causes.


Donate to girls and women causes today only on  GofundHer.Com  

Raise Funds for any Causes.

Raise Funds for any Causes.

Raise Funds for any Causes.



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